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DTE Tree Trimming

December 15, 2020

DTE Tree Trimming

DTE is preparing to trim trees in our community, but before they begin, we are providing you with information regarding the map of the proposed trimming area as well as the process that DTE will be following. 

Attached to this post are six (6) documents:

The process to notify residents will be for the resident to receive a phone call and a letter explaining that DTE will be in the area.  

The first step in the process is to plan the work.  If the resident is not at home when DTE is evaluating the residents’ property (“planning the work”), DTE will leave a door hanger with contact information for the property owner.

I have attached a copy of the letter and door hanger that DTE will leave at the residents’ home.

DTE also has information on Tree Trimming on the DTE website:

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