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Special Event Application



If you would like to hold a yard/garage sale you must first get a permit.  Permits are $5.00 (for your first sale of the year) and are good for 2 days.  Permit fees increase for each additional sale during the same year ($15.00 for the second sale, $60.00 for the third sale).  Yard/garage sale permits issued during the Belleville National Strawberry Festival cost $275.

**NEW**  Due to Covid-19 and restricted address to City Hall, please use the dropbox inside the lobby.  Place a written request with your name, address, email address and phone number and your payment in an envelope and drop it in the secure dropbox.  We will mail your permit and payment receipt to you.

NOTE:  Due to Covid-19, a decision has not yet been made to hold the Citywide yard sale after Labor Day in 2020.


A permit is required for anyone wishing to engage in door-to-door soliciting, canvassing or peddling in the City.  Every potential solicitor must make application for a permit.  All solicitor permit applicants must submit a $16.25 non-refundable application fee; applicants must provide a valid government issued photo identification and are subject to background check.  If approved, permits are issued on a yearly basis for an annual fee of $55 per person.  Daily permits are also available at the cost of $11 per day, per person.  All soliciting/peddler permit holders are subject to limitations/restrictions during special events.  Please contact the Treasurer's office (734-697-9323, ext. 7015) for additional information and assistance with applications.


BUILDING-RELATED PERMITS  -  For building related permits, please go to the "Departments" menu and click on the Building/Zoning page.


The City of Belleville DOES NOT issue business permits or licenses.