Boards & Commissions

Thank you for considering service on a City board or commission.  This opportunity can be an interesting and rewarding way to learn about and participate in the City’s planning and operations.  Member of boards and commissions are appointed by the Mayor with City Council’s endorsement.

The following is a brief description of each board or commission and its current membership.
Please note that all terms start January 1st, except for the Civil Service Commission.



The Board of Review meets in March, July and December each year, with March reserved for hearing appeals regarding property taxes.

Members:  Three members for 3-year terms who meet the following requirements:

  • Registered voters and City residents for at least one year prior to appointment
  • Homeowners that pay City property taxes
  • At least one member is not an elected official, administrative officer or City employee

—                                                          Originally                      Current
Name                                                 Appointed                    Term Ends

1.          Hannah Rodriguez                7/18/2022                    12/31/25
2.         Judy Jordan                             7/18/2022                    12/31/25
3.         Randy Priest                            2/21/17                          12/31/23
4.         Alternate - Sara Frey            1/23/23                         12/31/26



The Civil Service Commission is “on call,” meeting as business arises.  Terms begin June 1st.

Members:  Three members for 6-year terms who meet the following requirements:

  • City residents
  • People who agree with applying merit principles to public employment
  • Cannot hold any other elected or appointive office of the city
  • Cannot be employed by the City in any capacity
  • Cannot be a member of any local, state or national committee of a political party
  • Cannot be an officer or member of a committee in any partisan political club or organization
  • Cannot be a candidate for any elective office

—                                                                          Originally                   Current
Name                                                                 Appointed                 Term Ends

1.        Theresa Ceccarelli                                    8/12/19                       05/31/25
2.        Joani Laginess                                           5/18/15                       05/31/21
3.        Vacant


The Construction Board of Appeals is “on call,” meeting as business arises.

Members:  Not less than three members nor more than seven members for 2-year terms.

  • One member may be a registered design professional.
  • One member may be a registered builder with a minimum of 10 years experience.
  • One member may be a registered mechanical contractor with a minimum of 10 years experience.
  • One member may be a registered electrician with a minimum of 10 years experience.
  • One member may be a registered fire protection engineer or contractor with a minimum of 10 years experience.

—                                                Originally
Name                                       Appointed                   Term Ends

  1. John Hennessey          01/07/2013                    12/31/2021
  2. Bob McCraight            01/07/2013                    12/31/2021
  3. Bernie Zarb                  01/07/2013                    12/31/2018
  4. Mike Evans                   01/07/2013                    12/31/2018

Alternate Members

Joe Watts                                01/07/2013                    12/31/2018
Rich Evans                              02/02/2015                    11/30/2018


Members:  The Mayor during his/her term of office, plus eight members for 4-year terms

  • At least five will have an interest in property located in the downtown district (designated PI)
  • At least one will be a resident of the downtown district

Meetings:  Third Wednesday of each month at 6 pm at City Hall.

—                                                                          Originally                  Current
Name                                                                 Appointed               Term Ends

1.          Denise Baker (PI)                                 12/06/10                       12/31/24
2.         Sabrina Richardson-Williams           05/15/06                      12/31/25
        (District Resident)
3.         Vacancy                                                                                 12/31/25
4.         Alicia McGovern (PI), Chair               09/08/15                       12/31/26
5.         Ivan Ankwatsa (PI)                              05/02/16                       12/31/26
6.         Mayor Kerreen Conley                       01/02/06                       with the office
7.         Jennifer Winter (PI)                            06/02/20                       12/31/24
8.         Valerie Kelly-Bonner (PI)                   08/19/19                        12/31/23
9.         Kelly McWilliams (PI)                          10/21/19                         12/31/23


Members:  The Mayor, City Clerk and one other elective or appointive City officer who is appointed for a two-year term and meets as needed for each election.

—                                                                     Originally                      Current
Name                                                            Appointed                    Term Ends

  1. Kerreen Conley, Mayor                                                      With the office
  2. Briana Hootman, City Clerk         09/28/2020               With the office
  3. Vacant


Members:  Five to Nine members who are City residents serve for 4-year terms

Meetings:  Fourth Monday of each month at 4 p.m. at City Hall.

—                                                             Originally                     Current
Name                                                    Appointed                  Term Ends

  1. Thomas Fielder                         12/7/07                         12/31/22
  2. Vacancy
  3. Claude Partridge, Jr.                  11/27/17                       12/31/21
  4. Vacancy
  5. Vacancy
  6. Vacancy
  7. Juli Balestrieri                             2/20/18                        12/31/22


Members: Nine members for 3-year terms who meet the following qualifications:

  • Registered voters and City residents for at least one year immediately prior to appointment
  • Represent, whenever possible, different professions, trades and occupations within the city
  • One City Council Member may serve on the Planning Commission but not City Officials or employees
  • One Planning Commissioner serves on the Zoning Board of Appeals

Meetings:  Second Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm at City Hall

—                                                             Originally                   Current
Name                                                    Appointed                 Term Ends

  1.  Michael A. Hawkins, Chair     12/15/08                        12/31/23
  2.  John Juriga                                02/03/03                      12/31/24
  3.  Matthew Wagner                     04/19/10                       12/31/25
  4. Mike W. Renaud                         10/18/10                       12/31/25
  5.  Becky Hasen                              05/21/12                        12/31/24
  6. James O'Keefe                           01/23/23                        12/31/24
  7. Randy Priest                                12/05/16                       12/31/25
  8. Julie Kissel                                   01/09/23                       12/31/26
  9. Mark Kowalski                            01/09/23                       12/31/26


Members:  Five members for 3-year terms who are “on call,” and meet as business arises

  • One member will be a Planning Commissioner
  • One member may be a City Council Member
  • There may also be not more than two (2) alternate members

—                                                            Originally
Name                                                   Appointed                Term Ends

  1. Ken Voigt (Chair)                      12/19/11                      12/02/23
  2. Michael Hawkins                     01/02/06                     with PC term
    (Planning Commission)
  3. William Emerson                     02/07/11                      12/31/18
  4. Alternate Member
  5. Alternate Member



  • If you are interested in serving for more than one, please submit a separate application for each.
  • Please answer all questions on the application (use N/A if a question is not applicable to you)
  • Applications are valid for one year after receipt.