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The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and is the City's chief administrative officer. The Manager is responsible for implementing city policy as determined by the City Council, providing day-to-day operations and leadership for the various City departments, and representing the City to the community and other agencies and groups. The City Manager is responsible for the City's financial and budget management. The City received an "A+" credit rating from Standard and Poor's.


Areas of Responsibility Include:

General Administration
The City Manager supervises department heads and develops and administers employment policies according to statute and contract regulations.

Personnel/Labor Relations
The City Manager evaluates department heads and provides oversight of personnel issues including employee development and contract relations and negotiations.

City Council Relations
The City Manager keeps the City Council accurately informed on issues. The City Manager researches and prepares agenda items for the City Council meetings and attends all meetings of the City Council.

Community Relations
The City Manager interacts with the residential, business and educational communities, and other groups, to exchange information regarding their needs, the City's needs, and available resources to meet those needs.

Governmental/Agency Relations
The City Manager's Office works interdepartmentally and in consortium with other municipalities and agencies to develop and administer City policy/programs.

Budget Administration
The City Manager generates and prepares the City's annual budget for the City Council. The City Manager assesses the City's financial status and confers with the community, elected officials and employees regarding issues.

Community Planning and Recreation
The City Manager serves in a professional staff capacity for the Planning Commission and the Parks and Recreation Commission.

Special Events
The City Manager serves as the point of contact for coordination of all Special Events that occur within the city.  It is the manager’s responsibility to ensure a Special Event Application has been received, processed and addressed by City Council.  The special event application may be accessed by clicking here: Special Event Application

Public Act 530 of 2016 Pension Report - Form 5572



Jason Smith
City Manager
734-697-9323 ext. 7006
M-F 8:30a to 5:00p
Steve Jones
Assistant City Manager
734-697-9323 ext. 7037
M-F 8:30a to 5:00p