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For immediate response for fire, police, and ambulance-related emergencies — DIAL 911

The Belleville Fire Department is a paid on-call/volunteer department, on-call 24 hours a day.  In service since 1912.

The Belleville Fire Department provides fire protection to the citizens and businesses of Belleville. It is the department's goal to earn and maintain the confidence of the community by responding promptly to calls for fire, rescue, and extrication in the City of Belleville. Members of the Department complete state-certified Fire Fighter training courses. The City is very proud of the men and women of this department.

The Belleville Fire Station is located at 25 Second Street, at the corner of 2nd Street and Liberty. The phone number at the Fire Station is 734-697-9337.

If you need the Fire Department dispatched, contact 734-699-2395 (24 hours).


Click Here to sign up for CPR and AED classes offered by the Belleville Fire Department



Course 1 - BLS (Basic Life Support) Provider certification that includes CPR and AED use for Adults, Pediatrics, and Infants. Class is $40.00 per student.

Course 2 - BLS Training which includes CPR/AED for Adult, Pediatrics, and Infants. HeartSaver training includes First Aid for different injuries. Class is $60.00 per student.


Interested in joining us and becoming a Belleville Firefighter? Click the link below for the application.

Volunteer Firefighter Application