City of Belleville

Hillside Cemetery

Hillside Cemetery


John Wilson Clark purchased five acres for a burial ground on April 14, 1885.  It was originally named “Hillside Cemetery of the Village of Belleville.”  The name was changed to the Hillside Cemetery Association on May 5, 1905, when Clark deeded the Cemetery to the Association.  This was the same month and year that the Village of Belleville was first incorporated.

On November 7, 1924, five more acres were added to the Cemetery.

On February 20, 1951, Hillside Cemetery was deeded from the Association to the City of Belleville, which has operated and maintained it since that time.


Hillside Cemetery is open daily from dawn to dusk.

Non-potable water is provided at pumps throughout the cemetery.  Please do not drink the water.

Please respect other visitors engaged in quiet meditation at grave sites.  Rowdy behavior, loud music or noise, profane language, and the use of alcohol or drugs is prohibited in the Cemetery.

If you observe objectionable or destructive behavior while visiting the Cemetery, please call Police dispatch immediately at 734-699-2395.

Flowers in containers and live plantings must be within one foot of the headstone, and on the front side only.

Pets are allowed in the Cemetery only if kept in a vehicle or on a leash.  Pet owners must immediately pick up and dispose of droppings.

For a complete list of regulations, please contact the City Clerk’s office.


To purchase a grave, schedule a burial, transfer a deed or get a copy of a current deed, or to order a concrete foundation or “footing,” please contact the City Clerk’s office.

Foundations are poured in the Spring and Fall each year.  A foundation must be in place before a headstone or marker can be set.  Order your headstone first and then, using the measurements of the base, you or your monument company can pay the City for the foundation (1.00 per square inch).

Please note that the City of Belleville does not sell or set headstones or markers on graves.

For Cemetery maps and a fee schedule for services, please see the contact box to the right.